Friday, February 8, 2013

Angry Birds Party

Here is my Little One's Angry Birds party!

I'm not that great at printables and I don't have the money to buy them so I do my best.  These were made in my word program.  I just made text boxes and filled them in with different patterns and free clipart.  

Thank goodness for these FREE PRINTABLES !   

Somebody was a wee bit excited about his party! 

 Seriously!  How cute are they in their masks?

I found a ton of adorable free coloring pages on the web.

I ordered plain balls from Oriental Trading Company.  Then I painted faces on them with regular craft paint.  I'm not sure how long the paint will actually last but they survived the party and the kids loved them.

Here are the kids getting their own bird or pig ball.

 Once the rain stopped we went outside to do our next activity before the rain came back.  We used a parachute to toss the Angry Bird balls all around.  

Not necessarily "Angry Bird" like...but the kids thought it was cool.

Most of the kids were wearing their masks so I'd call out a bird color and those kids got the chance to run under the parachute.  We did each kiddo several times and they loved it.

Here is the Pin the Beak on Red Bird I made.

The kids liked this game too.

Now I know bubble wrap has absolutely nothing to do with Angry Birds but my kids LOVE it!  Some friends had a huge roll that they graciously donated to us so I made a huge dance floor out of it.  iTunes sells the Angry Birds music so I downloaded it and we did the freeze dance on the bubble wrap dance floor!  It was hilarious because you always knew when one of the kids forgot to freeze...POP!

The last game we played was a life sized Angry Birds game.  I purchased 10 boxes at Lowes (and spent about $8).  Then I wrapped them in craft paper and let the kids draw wood grain on them.  I also had already purchased balloon balls from Oriental Trading for the kids' goodie bags.  I took out all of the green balloons and stuck piggy faces on them.  The same faces I used for the balloon decor.  I gave the kids beanbags to knock over the balloons and they went to town with this!  The other grown ups helped by replacing piggies on the boxes throughout the game so that everybody had several turns to knock them over.

They really got into this game and we only ended up with one broken jar.  And honestly it was totally my brother's fault.  He told my niece to throw the beanbag as hard as she could.  And she did!  Nobody was hurt and my brother had to clean up the mess so it all worked out. :)  

This game would definitely be a lot of fun to play outside but it was raining so we just made it work inside the family room. 
Overall it was a really cute party and I think all of the kids had a wonderful time.

The best part for me is all of the love my Little One gave me.  He was so excited about this party.  And I'm so happy I was able to make his birthday special.

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