Wednesday, February 6, 2013

King Piggy Cake from Angry Birds!

 My little one loves the Pig King from Angry Birds so he asked me to make him a cake with him as the main focus.  I had no clue how to do this but I stumbled through it and it turned out pretty cute.  Here is what my little one's cake looked like for his super fun Angry Birds party!

Ta-dah!  One homemade (and not perfect) King Piggy cake!  He loved it!  
Here's what I did...

I made a 4 layer cake, alternating yellow and chocolate.  And I put homemade chocolate buttercream in between each layer.  I used wrapping paper to cover my cake board.

Then I put a crumb coat all around it in the chocolate buttercream.  I placed it in the fridge for about 20 minutes then put another layer of chocolate buttercream.

For the head I baked the cake in a glass kitchen bowl.  I filled it half way and baked it for right around an hour.  I checked it a lot toward the end.  I did this twice making two halves of my sphere.  Then when they were cooled, I leveled the bottoms flat and placed frosting in between the two halves.  Then I frosted them sphere with green buttercream.

I smoothed out the chocolate buttercream and drew lines for slats.  Then I piped a very thick line of frosting on each side and across the top and bottom.  This gave it the raised effect.  I did this technique all the way around the cake and on top.  Then I took a toothpick and carved in wood grain.  I also used white frosting and piped on a sign on each side.  And red frosting to write my son's name and "TNT".
Pretend my counter isn't a complete mess....but I make a mess when I decorate.  Notice all of the piping bags behind?  

I made a thick cake board for underneath my piggy head so it wouldn't sink.  I also placed several dowels in the lower cake too.  Then I used Rice Crispy Treats (store bought) to make the ears, crown and snout.  I frosted over the Rice Crispy Treats with buttercream.

I used white frosting for the eyes and made black for the nose, ears, eyebrows, etc.  I used fruit snacks for the jewels on the crown.

Here is a shot from the side.

I wish I had more time to smooth out the green a little better but I was kind of in a hurry and needed to get it done.

I put a 4 on the back for my little one.

And there you have it!  One homemade Piggy King from Angry Birds! 

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