Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Indiana Jones Party

My friend's kiddo had an Indiana Jones birthday party.  I made an Ark of the Covenant cake and my friend made an amazing party table!  Check out her snake sandwich!  Impressive!

The party was SO fun! They had a mummy wrap game, a balance game where kids tried not to fall in the snake pit and kids even got to squish their hands around in "eyeball soup", "snake guts", and "monkey brains" while searching for their prizes.  My friend is one rockin' mom!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Star Wars Training Academy

Well we survived birthday season!  Cash loved his party and I finally have the chance to post the photos.  Check it out...
If you need printables you definitely need to check out A Party Studio.   She has amazing products and the best customer service ever!

Light Saber Pretzels
(Please ignore my ugly food labels.  I misplaced my cute custom printables the night before the party so I had to scramble to get these done at the last minute.  The others were way cuter, but these did the job.)