Saturday, January 5, 2013

No Sew Angry Birds Masks

My Little One is turning 4 this month and he is obsessed with Angry Birds!  So naturally we are having an Angry Birds party to celebrate!  I always do homemade parties and they are always on a budget.  I made these adorable little masks yesterday!  I still have to add a piece of string to hold them on but I was so excited about them I wanted to get them posted.   Don't worry if you don't sew...all I used were scissors and glue!

Since my mom and I do sew, we had enough felt between the two of us that these were totally free to make!  But even if you don't have any felt at home, it's really cheap and you don't need very much.  

I pulled up Google images of each pig and bird I wanted to create.  Then I drew a picture of it on some paper.  I cut out the drawing and used it as my template to cut out the felt.

My mom was over so we did this project together.  We got all of the pieces cut out first.

Then we used regular school glue to stick the pieces on.  After they were finished, I went back with my glue gun and put a dab where it was needed.

The masks seemed very flimsy so we needed to thicken them up.

I hot glued each mask on top of another piece of thick felt.  I made sure to get quite a bit of glue on any of the pieces I wanted to stick out, like bows, eyebrows, etc.  It made the pieces stiff so they'd stand on their own.

Then I cut out the entire mask and re cut the eye holes too.  That made the mask nice and thick.

I picked up some party hats from the dollar store.  I used the elastic from them to secure the masks on to the kids' faces (not shown here).  I simply used hot glue on the back of the mask and took a small square of felt on top...causing the string and hot glue to be sandwiched between the mask and felt square.  It worked perfectly and they did not fall apart!   So yay for that! :)

And there you have it.  Easy, affordable and cute!  And the kids will be so super excited to wear one too!


  1. Love it!!! Going to make these for my son's bday next month!! Thanks!

    1. Oh good! The kids loved them and wore them the whole party! I hope they turn out perfectly! Let me know if you have any questions. Have fun!

  2. Hi! I know this is a couple years old... But, can you tell me where you got the thick felt? I can't seem to find it anywhere. All I can find is the regular thin felt. Thank you much!! 😃