Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rainbows and Unicorns Part 1

We had the big Rainbow, Unicorn party for my daughter's 6th birthday.  It was a success!  It took a lot of prep and hard work but not a lot of money.  Everything was homemade and nothing was difficult to do.  Here are a ton of photos of the decor.  I'll post more showing the actual party in a separate post.

The main table filled with homemade appetizers and desserts.

Fruity Pebble Treats & layered Jello

Oranges filled with Jello & chocolate covered pretzels.

Otter Pop Slushies... the biggest hit of all.

Make them just like Rice Crispy Treats

Sweet Rainbow Popcorn

Slice an orange in half.  Hollow it out.  Fill with Jello and slice after set.  Ta-dah!

Water bottle labels made from free clipart.

Rainbow Sherbet ready to serve in cupcake liners.  Total time saver!

Silverware holders made from paint chip samples.

99 Cent Store crazy straws.

Candy buffet! 
Candy was left over from the 60th surprise it was FREE for me!

Use the same labels as the water bottles.

Found these at Oriental Trading!   They were the inspiration for the whole party.

The guest book.  Guests sign the inside cover so we can remember who came to the party each time we read the book.  It's a great keepsake and helps us remember the theme of the party while enjoying special messages from all of your family and friends.  We have one from each party.

A photo for every year.

Acrylic paint!  
It washes right off with soap and water. 

Homemade poms made from tissue.

Unicorn horn suckers.  One of the favors.

Homemade chocolate bar wrappers made from clip art.

Paper tablets made from paint chip samples.

Pipe Cleaner Art station.

Rainbow Science!  
Pour some milk in a bowl.  Add drops of red, blue & yellow food color.  Pour in a drop of Dawn dish soap and watch the colors swirl together to make a rainbow of colors.

Coloring Station!  Free coloring pages from the internet.

A finished piece of art.

Rainbow Art Station!

The finished product.

Crayon Rainbow Art!  
Canvases came from Michaels (using 50% coupons they were $1 a piece).  Crayons were bought during back to school sales (40 cents a piece).  I glued the crayons to the canvas with hot glue.  This was something I did way in advance.

Adult Supervision Required!

The men were so excited that we had power tools at this party.

Heat the crayons and watch them melt into a beautiful rainbow.  The kids loved this part and got to take all of their goodies home.

All in all it was a big success.  My daughter loved it and that's what is most important.  Many of these ideas were found on Pinterest.  If you haven't checked it out yet, you should!  Stay tuned for more party photos!


  1. LOVE IT ALL!!!! Fabulous party and loads of great ideas!

  2. Thanks A Party Studio! I can only imagine what beautiful designs you could have come up with! Some day I won't be on such a tight budget and I'll get to use you for my own parties!

  3. So what is the otter pop slushie? Just put those frozen icy pops in a bowl?

    1. Yes, Aimee. I defrosted them a little bit and layered them by color. I smashed each color with a fork and refroze before adding another color on top. It was a hit...with the GROWN UPS! They loved it!

  4. Im planning a party for my daughter right now with this same theme. You did such a good job. Can I ask where you got the food signs? Did you use the stickers or are they digital?

    1. I actually did a google search for free unicorn clipart. I found the little unicorn and did a cut and paste to my word program. Then I did the same for the rainbow stripes. I google searched for them, cut and pasted, etc. I think I ended up using text boxes in my word program to get them the size I wanted. Then I stretched and shrank them to the sizes I wanted and printed them on cardstock. They aren't perfect at all but I didn't want to pay to have them made so I experimented this way. I hope that helps! Good luck!

  5. Hi... I saw your "unicorn magic" pic on and was wondering how you made that... what did you put inside the container to make the stuff look like it's floating?