Thursday, February 7, 2013

Construction Cake With a Twist!

If you are looking for a little change in your standard construction cake, here is one I did using the same technique as I used on my other construction cakes...but this time I changed the colors a bit!  Check it out!
Here is the original cake I posted.  And here is a tutorial for a similar cake if you want to know how to do this yourself.

Just changing the colors a bit gave it a totally different feel.  I actually ended up using my cousin's construction vehicles once we got to her house.  They were red and blue and looked adorable.  

And here is the cute little smash cake made for the birthday boy.


  1. What size pan did you use for the sheet cake?

  2. Hi Holley,
    I used an 11x15 cake pan. It holds 2 cake mixes. I hope that helps. :)