Thursday, February 9, 2012

Super G Officially Turned 3...Part 2!

Here are the photos from my little one's superhero party!

A quick shot before the guests arrived.

My three super kids.

All of the kids decorated their own masks and made superhero ID cards showing their chosen powers.

Cosmic Keely's finished mask.

Green Dragon Gage
After mask and ID card making we played a game of Duck, Duck, Goose...superhero style.  We called it "Superhero, Superhero, Villain".  

Next the kids completed a superhero training course.  They had to balance, crawl over and under saw horses, punch the punching bag, weave through the cones and crawl through a tunnel.  

They loved the training course and did it over and over.

Super G knocked the bag over!

Serious balance and concentration...Captain Courageous Cash took this seriously!

Ripclaw Reese soared...

Condor Casey had excellent balance too.

After the course the kids were presented with their very own capes and certificates with their new superhero names.

Cosmic Keely

We took a couple of shots in front of the photobooth...

and the superheroes showed off their best poses.

We told them that the villains were on attack so we armed each superhero with silly string.

They went after the villains...

and saved the day!

Super G was ready to fire away.

Super brothers united!

They took care of that villain!

Attacking the villains was by far the best part of the whole party!

We sang happy birthday and ate cake & ice cream.

Then the superheroes watched Super G open his gifts.

Super G loved his party.  It was affordable, fun and special.  I hope he felt loved and will have happy memories of his homemade birthday parties.  He's was exactly who we needed to make our family complete and we feel so lucky that God picked us to be his family.  We're pretty sure that out of all the little ones in the world...we got the best 3! 


  1. found you from Catch My Party!!
    Love this Superhero birthday!

    I'm planning a combo Superhero Swim party for my son & daughter. I love the capes (and masks)!!

    1. Sounds fun! I can just picture little superheroes jumping right in the pool...capes and all!

  2. Great blog! I also found you from Catch My Party, but now your son's dinosaur birthday is officially all over Pinterest because of me! I love all the details in all your parties. Your cakes look fabulous too!!

    1. Thanks Jessica! That was a fun party. I love pinterest too. Another awesome site to get all of your ideas from. I'm a little obsessed with it. Good luck with your dino party!

  3. Amazing!! I absolutely love all your details - my little superhero turns three this month and I HAVE to do the get the villains game. They will all go crazy for it! Thanks for sharing your creative ideas!

    1. You are so welcome Lindsay! I found the silly string at the Dollar Tree. Hopefully you can find it cheap too! Also if you are going to do the villain game, I suggest having clips (like a clothespin) to keep the balloons from flying away. Just tie the balloon ribbon to the clip (or clothespin) and then clip the clothespin to the blades of grass.

      We had the kids go inside the house for an activity while someone set up the "villains". Then we told them their superhero powers were in need. When they walked back outside they saw the villains and attacked! Have fun and let me know if you have any questions.

  4. thanks for the info on the villian game...did you buy the balloons like that? My son's 4th b-day is next week I can't wait to play!!

    1. Hi Kathy!
      I made little masks and eyes out of cardstock and taped them on. I drew the mouth on with a sharpie. See the above comment for more tips on the villain game to make it go smoothly for you! It was the best part of the party! I hope your kiddo loves it as much as mine did. It was a blast!

  5. I know this is older, but I am just now looking at doing a superhero themed party. Where did you get the masks and capes to decorate or did you make them? Your parties are so awesome! Thank you in advance.

    1. I did make the capes and masks. There are tons of "no sew" ideas on Pinterest if you don't sew. The masks were just cut from foam board that I purchased at JoAnn's. It was a really cheap and easy project. I think I purchased party hats from the dollar store and used the elastic from them (to secure the masks). You can also purchase elastic from JoAnn's and tie it on. The kids decorated the masks with stickers. I hope this helps. Thanks for the positive feedback! Good luck to you!