Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Little Piece of Happy....Family Chalkboard!

How cute is this?  My friend gave me a gift card to Hobby Lobby so I went shopping!  Check out what I bought!  I picked up a large chalk board and hung it in my kitchen.  I also grabbed 2 sets of chalk markers so I would be able to decorate with ease.  My husband added some cheap molding around it so that it had a more substantial frame and I painted it to match the other trim in the house.  Then it was time for some fun.....decorating the chalk board!

This was the first thing I put on it.  The kids thought it was funny that the house rules included things like have fun and laugh.  I actually searched Pinterest for sayings about "home" and this was the one I liked best.  

It makes such a cute backdrop for photos of the kids too.

We just celebrated my Little One's birthday so I erased the House Rules and made a Happy Birthday sign for Gage.  It really added to the overall decor for his party and made him feel extra special.

Each year I can take a photo of the kids in front of their special birthday sign now!
Yesterday I erased this birthday sign and made one for Valentine's Day!  I am looking forward to changing it for each holiday and including it as a new family tradition!  
Total cost: about $24 ~ pretty good!
chalkboard $14
chalk markers (with coupons) about $7 each
trim $3
paint $0 (already had it!)

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