Monday, January 7, 2013

DIY ~ Pin the Beak on the Angry Bird

My Little One is having a little Angry Bird party in a couple of weeks.  I don't want to spend a lot of money but I still want to make it cute.  This is a "Pin the Beak on Red Bird" game that I made for a whopping $1.50!

Here's what I did...
I purchased a red and a yellow poster board at the dollar store.  They were only 50-70 cents each.  Then I Google imaged a picture of Red Bird to copy.  I sketched Red Bird on the red poster board.  Then I took some craft paints I had at home.  If you don't have craft paint, you can get some as cheap as 75 cents at Michaels or JoAnn's.  I painted his tummy, eyes, beak and eyebrows using white, yellow, and black paint.  I made the dark red spots with red paint and a touch of black paint.  You can also just buy the color red you want but I'm cheap and I really didn't want to go to the store.  I just made due with what I had to work with.  Next I outlined the entire bird, as well as, his eyes and beak in black paint.  Then I cut him out. 
For the beaks I used regular computer paper to trace the beak on red bird and then I cut it out.  I used the cut out on the yellow poster board to trace as many beaks as I would need (one for each kiddo).  I used the black paint to outline the beaks and then cut each one out.  
I plan to stick a piece of double sided tape on the back of each beak when the kids play the game.  This big Red Bird will hang on the wall during the party pulling double game AND decor!  Woot!  Not bad for about $1.50 and about 45 minutes time to create.  
Let your imagination go wild too.  I'm sure you can do this with any party theme you choose.  Pick an easy to draw character and create a fun game for the kids.  Good luck and have fun creating!

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