Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Take on a Buttercream Cowgirl Cake

Here's my take on a cowgirl cake made with buttercream.  
I made a 3 layer, 10 inch, bottom cake and frosted it (smooth) in pink buttercream.  Then I piped on black and white paisley designs to look like a bandanna.  I made a separate 3 tier, 6 inch cake and frosted it in white buttercream.  Then I used canned chocolate frosting to make the cow spots.  Before frosting the cakes I added a little homemade simple syrup to each layer to keep it moist.  I also used my candy molds to make pink and white chocolate boots to place around the cake.

I had enough chocolates left over to place them on top of some cupcakes too.  Hopefully the birthday girl liked everything.  I'm always hesitant to make cakes for people outside my family because I'm not a baker (at all) and I know my cakes aren't flawless.  It takes me hours and hours to make just one cake so I really hope that the recipient knows that even if it's not perfect, a lot of love went into it.  

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  1. Heather, that cake is amazeballs! Not a baker, psh!