Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bath Towel Solution!

3 kids + 3 bath towels = one big mess! 

Our old system for hanging bath towels was to hang towels on the closet doorknob.  It didn't work for many reasons...

#1.  Three towels didn't fit properly.
#2. The bottom towel never got dry.
#3. My kids didn't like hanging their towels so they wound up on the floor.

I needed a better system so I searched Pinterest (my go to place for all things crafty) and found a few different towel hanging solutions.  I chose the bits and pieces I liked and came up with a simple and inexpensive solution to our towel debacle.

I turned this...

Into this!
Here's what I did...

I purchased 3 matching clearance frames.

I let each kiddo choose the paint they wanted.  They all chose glittery paint of course.

I purchased these Command hooks.
If the store had other hook options I would have preferred a regular hook that screws into the wall.  The Command hooks aren't working as well as I'd hoped they would, but it's all the store had (and they were on sale for 30% off).

I grabbed a piece of scrapbooking paper I already had in my crafty closet and let the kids choose which font they wanted for their names.   I figured the more input they had in their special hook, the more likely they would be to actually use it!  Plus it's just more fun to do things together!

I painted my daughter's frame in hot pink, let it dry, then added the glitter paint on top of that.  I did the same with my boys' frames.  Since glittery paint is thin, I did a solid base coat first then painted the glitter paint on top. 

I cut out their names and used my corner rounder. 

I mounted their names on the scrapbook paper and placed them in the frames.

It was a fun little project for us to do together.  I hung the finished frames and hooks inside my closet (it's a walk-in connected to the bathroom).  Now the kids know where their towels are. They are dry. And the best part of all is they are actually enjoying hanging up their towels on their special hooks!  Which means...No more wet towels on the floor!  And no more hunting for towels before bath time!
It makes bath time so much easier.  Now if I could just figure out a way for me to take a shower without having kids banging on the door....hmmm...  

OK.....It's been a few months and I need to change this up a bit.  The command hooks ended up NOT working AT ALL.  They only lasted a few weeks.  I ended up going to Lowes and purchasing real screw in hooks (that are nicer than the command hooks) and they were actually cheaper.  I definitely recommend skipping the Command Hooks and going with something stronger.  You will get the same look and towel solution in the end but it will last longer.  Wish I had done the stronger hooks first.  Live and learn....

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