Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Very Sweet Thank You Treat

I love Pinterest...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!  
I am so happy when it is gift giving time, I no longer have to agonize over an inexpensive, creative gift to give the people I love and appreciate.  Pinterest has examples of anything you can think of, plus a million things you never even imagined!  Anytime I see something I like, I just pin it to one of my boards and save it for later.  For an OCD brain like's genius!  

It's the end of the school year and I needed a fun thank you gift for my kids teachers.  Since I'm a teacher too I know the kinds of things they love.  And let me tell you, sweet treats and gift cards are always appreciated by every teacher!  I definitely wanted to find a creative way to say thank you to our teachers.  So, I searched Pinterest and I was NOT disappointed.  

Here's what I did... 

I bought a ton of candy bars and gum.  Not just any though...specific candy that was used to write a message to our favorite teachers.

Pinterest had several different messages to choose from.  I chose the sayings I liked, made a couple of my own and put them into the order I wanted.  

Here's the message I used...

Thank you for making school so fun!  I am such a Smartie thanks to you!  I know some days are real Whoppers and I wish I could give you a great big Payday.  Even if I went into Orbit and searched the Milky Way, I'd never find a teacher like you.  I would have fallen to Pieces without you.  Don't Snicker but I think you're great!  Teachers like you are worth a Mint.  I'm not trying to Butter you up but I think you are Extra special.  Thank you for such a wonderful year filled with Mounds of fun an Joy.

I picked up these colorful buckets from the dollar section at Target.  They were the perfect size to hold all of the sweet treats.  And teachers can always use storage bins in the classroom.  You could get really creative with your own holder!

I placed all of the candy inside, taped the paragraph to the front of the bucket and also slipped in a gift card to a local restaurant.  

Since I'm on a serious budget I only put gift cards in the teachers' buckets.  Their coaches were still SO excited to get the bucket o'candy and the lovely little note attached to it.  

Tomorrow is the last day of school and we will deliver these to their teachers.  I hope they like them.  But most of all, I hope this gift is special to them and shows them that I am extremely grateful for the amazing influence they have had on my children.  

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