Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Super G is Officially 3! (Part 1)

We survived another birthday party!  Yay!  Super G officially turned 3 and he loved his little party.  I'm showing photos of the decor in this post and will show shots of the activities in another.  I tried to go as cheap as possible but still have it look nice.  Thankfully A Party Studio (www.etsy.com/shop/APartyStudio) made awesome printables for me which made everything look adorable!

We served appetizers and desserts.  The guest book was purchased on Amazon.com.  

We had lots of finger foods and candy.

And we served cotton candy from the dollar store.  Total cost $3 & I could have gotten away with only two packs.

I had extra frosting from the cake so I made some brownies and piped on superhero sayings.  The whole thing took just a few minutes and cost less than 3 bucks!

I had Otter Pops left over from the Rainbow Unicorn Party.  The slushies were such a big hit there, I decided to do them again.  I think it turned out looking like multicolored Kryptonite.  And yes...it was all eaten, by the adults!

A Party Studio did such a wonderful job on the printables and they were super affordable.

The cake wasn't exactly how I pictured it but it turned out ok.

One of my favorite things were the villain balloons (which I saw on CatchMyParty.com).  Super G loves green so this was the perfect way for me to add his favorite color.  They acted as decor and were used for a game later in the day.

Each little superhero had a personalized headline hanging up.   They got to take them home too.  Kids love personalized things, especially if it has their picture on it.

My own kiddos made "villain eyes" and hung them all around the house.  My daughter also made a picture of a superhero to hang.  I love including them in the party design and set up.  It wouldn't be any fun for them if I did it all myself!

We always display a photo for every year...it's tradition. 

At first I wasn't sure the party was coming together very well.  After it was all said and done, I think it turned out pretty cute.  My little one loved it so that's really all that matters.  I am so thankful that I found Tali at A Party Studio though.  Her designs are really what made the whole event tie together.  I also really appreciate sites like Catch My Party and Pinterest.  Almost every idea I use at my kids' parties are "borrowed" (and tweaked) from these two sites.  I totally appreciate other moms who share their ideas...which is why I'm sharing my own here.  Hopefully they will inspire you to do something special for your own little one!

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