Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Getting Ready for Jedi Training!

I am SO far behind. I haven't posted superhero party pictures yet because I am frantically trying to get everything for my other son's Star Wars party and I only have 11 days to finish!  Ahhh!  
Here's a sneaky peaky of what I've been working on.  There is still so much to do...

Light Sabers made from pool noodles.  Our little Padawans need their very own weapons if they are going to go up against The Dark Lord himself!

I was stressing over a "craft" for the kids to make so this is what I came up with.  I drew a quick picture of R2D2 and Yoda to use as a template.  I spent $5 on felt, then cut out all of the pieces.  The kids will glue them on a sparkly foam sheet and take them home.  

Tomorrow I'll be making 16 Jedi robes from pillow cases...wish me luck!

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