Thursday, January 12, 2012

Photo Booth Backdrop

I'm planning to have a photo booth set up at Super G's party so the kids can pose in their capes and masks.  I wasn't sure what to use for a backdrop so I decided to get creative.  I used a leftover box from Christmas and opened it up.  Then I used Mod Podge and newspaper to cover the entire thing.  I also made "headlines" for each of the kids using their superhero names.  Hopefully it will make for some cute photos!

I'm not super in love with it, but it should do the trick.  It could have been better if I'd used a different color paper for the headlines.  The white really sticks out.  However, on a positive note, the whole project was basically free.  Maybe it can get your wheels turning for some other ways to set up your own photo booth backdrop!

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