Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sparkles & Cats for a Surprise 60th?

My mom's BFF Jann was turning 60 so Jann's husband decided he wanted to throw her a surprise party and he needed help from my mom and me.  I was all set to help.  I was even pretty excited!  My mom and I figured we could come up with a great plan and throw a fabulous party for Jann.  To our surprise  Jann's husband told us there were two things the party had to be themed around...sparkles and cats!  My first reaction was that it can't be done.  Those things just don't go together.  Luckily I contacted Tali from A Party Studio ( and she made us some amazing printables.  They set the tone for the whole party and it really did turn out to be quite beautiful (even if it was a slightly strange theme to work around).  Check out the photos and see for yourself.

There was a candy buffet for guests.  This was the party favor.

Rock candy is sparkly!

Homemade poms were hung outside.

Simple and inexpensive floral arrangements for each table.  Runner is made out of wrapping paper.

Little Debbie treats unwrapped and placed on a tray look divine.

Homemade cake pops and chocolate covered Oreos were a hit.  Plates and napkins were purchased at Target.

More Little Debbie treats.  


Homemade cake

Labels from A Party Studio

Appetizers were purchased at Albertsons for a very reasonable price.

It was sparkly.  It had cats.  And it was beautiful!

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