Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rainbow Party Favor

Here is another great find from Pinterest!  Mini paper tablets that my daughter and her friends will love! These were originally posted on  There are only a few weeks until my daughter's big Rainbow/Unicorn party so I made a bunch of these adorable little favors for the kiddos.  It was simple, quick & almost completely free to make!

All you'll need are paint chips, a paper slicer (or scissors), some computer paper and a stapler.  If you have a "fold" blade on your paper slicer I recommend using it so you can get a really crisp fold.

Using the fold blade crease the bottom of a paint chip (about an inch from the bottom).  Paint chips come in different sizes so I recommend playing with your first one until to get it looking like you want.  Then use the measurements from it to do the rest.

Flip the paint chip around and make another fold.  You will want the top (lighter color) to fold into the previous fold like a matchbook.

Switch to a straight blade.

Cut computer paper the proper size to fit inside your "matchbook" tablet.

Place some paper inside the small fold at the bottom and staple them in place.  Then fold the top of the paint chip over and tuck it inside the bottom fold.

There you have it!  A rainbow of tiny tablets!

The kiddos will love them.  Heck, I may even keep one handy in my own purse!

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