Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rainbows and Unicorns Part 2

 The last post mainly showed the decor at my daughter's rainbow, unicorn party.  This post shows some candid shots from the party.

All of the kids were very busy crafting at the different stations.

The crayon melt required some adult supervision from Papa.

My little one loved using power tools with his Papa.

After crafting, we moved on to unicorn races.  We made paper cones and tied them on to our stick ponies which we already owned (another almost free activity).  The kids took turns racing around the yard on them.

Next the kids followed clues to find hidden treasures.  This was the first clue.

Each kiddo found a bag with his or her name on it.  They had rainbow hats inside.  The boy's hats came from Oriental Trading Company.

The girl's hats came from Halo Heaven.

One of our tween friends read the clues.  She also helped the kids at the craft stations earlier.  She was a huge help.  In this photo the kids are listening to clue number 2.

Clue #2

Here are the kids hunting for treasure #2.

This is what they found...Unicorn Magic!  They stuck it in their bags and went on to hear clue #3.

The final clue.  The best treasure!

The final clue led the kids to the backyard where real golden horse shoes had been hidden.

My husband's BFF, Mister Mike (, was able to get his hands on some real horse shoes for us.  My husband ( soaked the shoes in vinegar for 4 days, rinsed them off and polished them up.  Then I sprayed them gold.  They were perfect!

We sang Happy Birthday to my sweet girl and she opened her gifts.

The cake had a surprise inside...rainbow of course!

It was a perfectly magical day for my precious little girl.
Out of all the little girls in the world....I do believe I got the very best one!

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