Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy, Little Angry Bird

Halloween is just around the corner so I got a jump start on making my kiddo's costumes.  My little one loves "Angry, Angry Birds" and asked to be the blue bird.  Thanks to pinterest and twindragonflydesigns.com I was able to get inspiration for this adorable costume.  

Essentially this Angry Bird costume is made of 2 large pillows and 2 small pillows.  The large "pillows" are attached with straps.  I fumbled along through this little project but overall it turned out pretty cute and my little one LOVES it!  I was hoping my other son would be an Angry Bird too because I have all of the kinks worked out now and I know I can do it better...but no luck.  He's going to be a "silly monster".

1 yard of blizzard fleece, 58" (blue)
1 1/2 yards snuggle flannel, 48" (blue)
1 yellow flannel square
1 orange flannel square
1 white flannel square
1 black flannel square
black puffy paint

Here's a step by step of what I did to make the blue Angry Bird.  Please remember that I am not very confident at sewing and I am learning as I go.  I'm sure there are easier and better ways to do some of the things I did but you may be able to adapt my costume to fit your needs! :)

I folded my fleece into fourths and measured 10 1/2 inches out.  I kept my measuring tape at the corner and slid it out in a semicircle.  I used my finger nail to leave a crease in the fabric.  You can also use a pen to draw a line.  Then I cut it out and was left with a perfect circle once opened up.

I used this first piece as a template to cut my other 3 pieces.  I ended up cutting 2 fleece circles for the front of the two large pillows and 2 snuggle flannel for the lining of each.

Next I drew the face on paper.  I used drinking glasses to get the eyes a perfect circle...very technical, I know.  Hey, it works!  

After I drew the face, I cut out the paper pieces and used them as templates for my felt.  Then I cut out each of the face features from the felt and arranged them on one of the pieces of blue fleece.  This would be the front of the costume.

I stitched around each of the face features.  I could have just glued them but I was worried they would come off.

Next I made a tail out of black felt and head feathers out of blue felt.  I stitched around them (leaving an opening), turned them right side out, and stuffed them.  Then I sewed them shut.  

I pinned my tail and head feathers to the right side of my bird's face (pointing inward so the raw edges were together with the raw edges of the "pillow").  Basically I set them on my bird the way I wanted them to look then folded them toward the middle of my birds face.  Hopefully that makes sense.  
Next I set the lining (snuggle flannel) on top of the birds face (and tail & head feathers) and sewed around the outside of the circles leaving an opening at the bottom, for turning.  

I later realized that I needed straps to hold this on to my little one.  I had to sew them on after the fact so my seams show.  If you are going to add straps, now would be the time to add them so you won't have any visible seams later.  You would add them the same way you add the tail and head feathers.  There is a photo later in this post so you will see what I mean.

This is what my bird looked like after I sewed around him and turned him right side out.  I stuffed him first with high loft batting so it would appear smooth.  Then I added regular stuffing to poof him out.  After he was all stuffed, I stitched the opening (for turning) closed as well.

I took the other two pieces of fleece and flannel and sewed around them, also leaving an opening to turn.  I turned this right side out, stuffed this piece the same way as the other and sewed the opening closed.  This is the back piece.

Originally I was planning to just stitch the front of the bird to the back of the bird but it didn't seem comfortable.  So, I decided to add straps.  For each strap, I sewed two rectangles of fleece together and turned them so they had a nice edge and looked finished.  I made 4 straps total; 2 for the shoulders and 2 for the sides.  This photo shows the two across the shoulders and one of the side straps. 

Three of the straps were sewed completely on.  The last strap (left side, under arm) was left open and I attached velcro so it would be easy to take on and off.

The last thing I did was make 2 small birds and hand stitched them on to the larger bird.  I made them the exact same way, only smaller.  Then I added black puffy paint around the face features to make his face stand out a little more.

OK...he seriously loves this costume.  He wants to sleep in it and he made me promise that he could after he wears it on Halloween.  So I'd say it's a successful sewing project even if it's not completely flawless! And I made it all for about $13.  Not bad!


  1. Love it! My boys would love this! Hmm, maybe I could have a few birds and a piggy this Halloween? You are so talented.

    1. Thanks! I wanted all 3 kids to be angry birds just because sewing is kind of hard for me. Of course they all picked different things! Now I'm sewing a "silly monster" and a care bear. Ahhh!