Thursday, September 13, 2012

Artsy Owl Printables

My daughter's "Art & Owls" party is coming up next month.  As you know by now I try to make as many party elements as possible and I try to be as cheap as possible too.  I attempted to make all of the printables for the party this time.  I know they are nowhere near as good as something you can order online but I wanted to try for myself.  I don't have a fancy program or even know how to use one.  I used my regular word program and created text boxes that I was able to "fill in" with patterns and outlines as well.  I found the free owl clip art by searching around on Google.  Here are some of the things I came up with...Amateur yes....but my daughter likes them a lot, so I'm ok with it.

This is what I came up with for the invites.  My daughter Keely was the one who picked the colors as well as the designs for the backgrounds.  All of the fonts were downloaded for FREE through links I found on Pinterest.  I used these colors, backgrounds, and the owl clip art throughout all of the printables.  

Since we are combining art with owls I thought a fancy art frame around the printables would help tie the two together.  I found this free frame tempelate and used it for everything.  I created text boxes on top of the frame and filled them in the same way as the invitations.  

I gave my daughter the choice of either having a "crafty" art party where the kids just create different pieces of art, or having an "educational" art party where we recreate art made by the Masters.  She decided that she wanted to recreate famous artists' works.  Again, while searching on Pinterest I came across an article from a parenting magazine that had 5 art projects inspired by the Masters.  I used this idea to design the art projects the kids will create at the party.  Each art station will be set up with all of the necessary supplies needed to complete the art project.  The corresponding sign I made will be at the table as well.  It gives a brief description about the artist as well as tells what the artist is most famous for.  Then it explains how to complete the art project.  I will also make a sample of the art project to go along with the descriptions. 

I also created little number tags for each kiddo.  One for each boy; one for each girl.  These will be used to assign each child a special party owl of their very own.  I haven't decided how exactly I will do this part yet.  But I know that each owl will have a number and each kiddo will recieve a card with a number.  Then the kids will take home the owl that has the same number as their cards.  No two owls are alike and I'm hoping this will avoid any problems with kids wanting the same owl.  I may end up making some kind of adoption certificate to go with each owl too.  I'm still thinking this part through though.  I'll let you know what I come up with.  And, I'm open to suggestions! 

I also created water bottle labels and thank you tags.  I still need to make food labels and a few other tid bits as well.

As I stated before, I realize that these printables are not professional and they look very homemade.  But hey!  Homemade isn't a bad thing.  My daughter loves them and she had fun choosing the designs with me.  If you ever do decide to order professional printables you should definitely check out A Party Studio (  You will love the designs Tali comes up with and her customer service can't be beat.

Time to get back to it now!

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