Monday, July 23, 2012


When my son Cash turned 2, he had a cowboy themed birthday party.  I like to find ways for the decorations & favors to be personal for our guests so I decided to make wanted posters for everybody.  They were a hit.  Every kiddo and grown up had wanted posters that were personalized just for them.  It was so fun choosing what their crimes and cowboy names were!  And it made a great party favor too!

I started with tan colored card stock and my word program.  I made a template to start with so I only had to change a few things as I did each poster.  I used a black and white photo of each person on their poster too.  I was able to find a photo of every person saved on my computer but you can also have friends text you photos of their kids if you are missing any. 

  After I printed out the paper I used a lighter to burn the edges of the paper.  I started out doing this in my kitchen but quickly realized that it was slightly messy and extremely stinky & smokey.  Since I was 9 months pregnant with my little one I opted to do these outside!  And of course I kept my kids away.  I'm not saying it was the smartest idea I ever had...and I'm not telling you to break out a lighter and start burning paper either! I'm just telling you what worked for me. 

 I also used this same technique to make the invitation.  
Since I was expecting my little one I actually made the posters several weeks before the party.  After I had Gage I made one for him too. 

Everybody loved the wanted posters and got a kick out of reading everybody's crimes and names. My kids still have theirs hanging in their closets.  Here is a shot of the posters hanging on the slider.  They acted as decor and were fun to read too!  Check out some of the samples below and have a blast making your own!  Just be careful!

My poster....3 kids in 3 years!





These wanted posters took a little time to make but they were a fun surprise for the guests and they were cheap to make!  Good luck making you own!

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