Monday, July 8, 2013

Keely's Big Girl Room Make Over; Part 2!

The biggest change in my daughter's Big Girl room is her new bed!  I got SO lucky and scored this super heavy, iron bed from the 1920's on Craigslist for $50!  And my husband's BFF even picked it up and delivered it to our house for us!  It was white and in great condition.  I spray painted it hot pink.  Inspiration for her room came from two rooms in particular, which I saw on pinterest.  They gave me amazing ideas and I was able to translate them on an extremely small budget.  Check out the other rooms here and here for some incredible ideas!

We also moved Keely's bookshelves (which she's had since birth, a Target purchase.) to the same wall as her headboard.  I was lucky that she decided to keep her pink walls, which meant I didn't have to paint!  We also kept her name on her wall that I painted years ago.  We found the bedding at Home Goods for $40.  Keely picked it out.  It's totally different than what I was thinking of getting but it's her room and she liked it so I went with it.

Even though I did little bits and pieces over several weeks, the day the bed went in the room was a big deal!  I decided to keep her out of the room while I set up the bed and bookshelves.  We brought her in with her eyes closed and had her open them on the count of 3.  She loved it!

I picked up some really inexpensive "big girl" accessories at Hobby Lobby... a pretty mirrored tray and some shiny glass bottles.  They averaged about $3 a piece and I bought them all for 50% off.  I also bought her an ugly brown owl from JoAnn's and painted it the same hot pink as her bed.  Now it's cute and girly!  Owls are her "thing" and have been since she was one.  We always have little touches of owls around.

Another little project for Keely's room is this bulletin board.  She loves hanging art all over the house so I wanted her to have her own special place to display her favorite things.  When I bought this it was a plain cork board with a white frame.  I removed the cork and painted the frame turquoise.  I wrapped the fabric around the cork board and reassembled it.  Then I added a little flower explosion at the bottom.  It was so easy to make and didn't cost too much either! 

By making just a few changes her room has been totally transformed.  Hopefully you can find some inspiration here! 

The next post will show the collage walls.... can't wait to post it!

Part 1 of the make over here!

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