Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Painted Backyard Furniture

 My backyard chairs needed some love.  They were boring brown and the cushions were shot.  I decided to spruce them up with a can of spray paint and some new cushions.  Now they are bright and cheery.  And they look brand new!

I found some cushions for $15 each at Home Goods.  

This is what my chairs looked like before I painted them.  Faded cushions and plain tan metal.  The chairs are really comfortable and they're good quality so I thought a coat of paint would bring them back to life.

This is the color I chose from Lowes...$4 a can.  I used a total of 3 cans to paint 4 chairs.  The color is called Plum berry.

There you have it!  New again chairs for my backyard.  

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