Monday, March 25, 2013

Camp Cash!

We survived birthday season!  

We just had my son's 6th birthday party....Camp Cash!  With the exception of the party favors (homemade tents), this party was extremely inexpensive and very easy to do!

Here's what we did... 

We had a Smore's bar! 

We had several types of chocolates, different flavors of marshmallows and two kinds of graham crackers!

The food was easy!  Pigs in a blanket, chips, nuts, trail mix.

The water bottle labels were made on my word program with free clipart and a burlap background.

These tents were the main attraction and what I wanted for the party favors.  I found a tutorial on Pinterest.  Unfortunately they were a little time consuming (for my husband) and they cost twice as much as I thought they would (about $10 a piece).  They were also very big and had to be delivered to some kids after the party since they didn't fit in most cars.

That being said, they were a HUGE hit with the kids and I think they all liked them a lot.  It just ended up being a bigger job and more expensive than I thought it would be.

Check out this cute little camp fire made out of rocks, sticks and tissue paper.

It's hard to believe my little guy is 6.

Our first craft was making bird feeders.  They were easy and cheap!

The kids spread peanut butter on pinecones (that we found on our walk to school) and they rolled them in birdseed.  We tied some twine around them and the kids took them home to hang on a tree.  

Next we had pillowcase races.  

Luckily my mom had a ton of old pillowcases we were able to use. Warning: they ended up getting really dirty so we had to toss them afterward.

Our next activity was a Nature Hunt.  The kids used compasses (from Oriental Trading Co.) and this check list to hunt around the yard for different things found in nature.

The last planned activity was making S'mores!  The kids selected their graham crackers, type of marshmallow and chocolate.

I found some Sterno cans at the dollar store.  We used them to toast the marshmallows.

We made sure every kiddo had a grown up close by to help them so that they were all safe.

The roasting only took a few minutes then we put all of the flames out.

The kids sat around the pretend campfire to eat their S'mores and drink hot chocolate.

This was one of my favorite parts.  They were so cute!

My little one got a tad messy.

I love this picture of my daughter and her BFF enjoying cups of hot cocoa.  

Cash opened his gifts next.

We sang Happy Birthday and Cash blew out his candles.  

The kids took their cake outside and ate in their tents!  It was adorable.

After all the trouble for the tents I was so happy the kids loved them!  They ended up being worth it.

The party was a big success and as you can see from this photo, my son had a wonderful time.  Those smiles are why I make the effort to throw my kids parties at home.  This party was easy, cheap and can be easily adapted.  

Now that birthday season is over I need a new project.....hmm....what to do, what to do???

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