Friday, November 9, 2012

Art & Owls Party...Part 2

So the first Art & Owls post showed the set up.  Now here are some action shots from the party!

When the guests arrived they headed to the backyard where they colored a mural.

After everyone arrived the kids went to each art station to complete the projects.   This is the Picasso station.  Kids decorated paper bags with pastels.

One table was set up with a Kandinsky watercolor project and a Van Gogh watercolor/crayon resist project.  The kids seemed to really like the Kandinsky.

The Pollock station was where things got interesting.  The kids spatter painted canvases and they loved every minute of it.

My little one decided not to spatter.  Instead he did an abstract.

More spattering.

The kids were really into each activity and were super quiet while they worked.  It was a very mellow party.

Here is the birthday girl spatter painting!

She got a little on her face.  Since it was washable paint, it didn't matter!

Lexi had a blast spattering.

And her artwork was beautiful!

They concentrated so hard on each project.

Everybody was focused.

And some of the kids got a little messy...

But come on!  How cute are those feet?

Even the littlest one made beautiful artwork.

Inside, the kids made original owl artwork and a Mondrian piece.   Notice the colored bags in the background?  Those are the owl party favors the kids received later in the party.

They came up with some adorable owls.

I purchased pocket folders during the back to school sale.  Each kiddo received a folder to keep all of the finished artwork inside.

We hung the paintings outside to dry.

And set the canvases in the grass to dry too.

They turned out awesome.  

Even the drop cloth looked pretty afterwards.

Remember these guys?  Well, after completing all of the art, we gathered around and each kiddo received a bag.  Inside the bag was an adorable owl to adopt.  They LOVED getting their owls.  Unfortunately I was busy handing out owls so I didn't get ANY photos of the kids opening them up!  Boo!  Sorry.  

Next we sang Happy Birthday and enjoyed some cake and ice cream.

If you look closely you can see all of the kids holding their owls.  Every owl was different.

All of the kids fell in love with their owls.

They all held them the rest of the party.  It was also nice for each of the kids to get to have a present before my daughter opened the gifts her friends brought.  They all held their little owls on their laps while Keely opened her gifts.

After my daughter opened gifts some of the guests continued doing art projects and others had to get going.  Before they left they got to choose an owl bag that was filled with markers, crayons and colored pencils.  Pretty cool!  Each kiddo received art stuff, all of their artwork and their very own owl.

My sweet birthday girl loved her party!  I'm so happy she had such a special day.

And I'm pretty sure the rest of the guests enjoyed it too.  
Now it's time to plan a party for my little one...stay tuned!  Get ready for some Angry Birds heading this way!

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