Sunday, October 28, 2012

Homemade Halloween

The costumes are done and the kids wore them to school on Friday!  Yay!

We ended up with a "silly monster with lots of eyeballs", a Care Bear and an Angry Bird.  

The silly monster and Care Bear were made from a McCalls "It's Sew Easy" pattern and I just used felt to make the belly badge for Share Bear.  The hats were found at JoAnn's.  They started out as sharks but I used felt to cover them to match the costumes.  I also sewed a hood for my son's costume but considering that it's been over 90 degrees here, I thought it'd be way too hot to wear...which is why I went with the little felt hat instead.  Hopefully these inspire you to get out the sewing machine!  My kids are super excited that I made about them so I can't ask for more than that.


  1. These are so incredible!! Do you just not sleep or something? ;)

  2. Haha....I sleep Betsi! I just go all day long. I don't like to waste time. :)