Thursday, August 23, 2012

Guess WHO is planning a party!

Birthday season is fast approaching!  Yes, I said birthday season!  All three of my kids' birthdays are coming up (not to mention Christmas).  I am officially in party planning mode.  I always start early and I try to make as much as possible at home as well as spend as little money as possible.
My daughter has decided she wants to combine her two favorite things together for her theme....Art and Owls.  She has been obsessed with owls since she was a baby and this will actually be her second birthday party with an owl theme.  She also is quite a little artist.  We are going to fuse the two together to create a party that screams Keely!  

I'm still in the beginning stages but thanks to pinterest, I have already found a ton of cute ideas to incorporate.  These little owl bags are going to hold the party favors.  They were completely made with materials I already had around the house and only took a few minutes to make.  My daughter even helped me, which makes it really fun for both of us.  

So far the bag includes a 24 count crayon set, 10 count marker set, and a 12 count colored pencil set.  I will probably add a Tootsie Pop too.  I hit the Target "Back to School" sale and was able to get all of these items for less than $1.50 per kid!  Not bad for an entire party favor that would normally cost upwards of $8.  Plus, I  am mixing art and owls!  

My daughter has decided that she wants the art at this party to be based on famous artists.  I found an on line article from Parent's Magazine.  It has a few of the "Masters" posted along with an explanation about him/her and an art project to go along.  As of right now we will be completing 5 different art projects and learning about 5 of the Masters.  I'm still swirling around ideas in my head but be on the lookout for little projects that we will be completing.  I'll post crafts as I complete them as well as post the party at the end of October.  These parties have a way of sneaking up on me so wish me luck!  

Let party season begin!

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