Thursday, August 18, 2011


My oldest just started Kindergarten and she was thrilled to discover that she gets to have "share day" every Friday!  Her teacher sent home a note explaining that she needed a special bag to bring her share toy in each week.  She said the bags could be as simple or elaborate as we wanted.  We decided to make a simple bag that looks elaborate!

Since my daughter has always loved owls we decided an owl share bag would be perfect.  I went through my scrap fabrics and knew I'd find an owl print.

I drew my design on a brown paper sack and cut it out to use as a pattern.

I used interfacing on all of my fabrics before I cut them out.  Then I pinned the front pieces together.

I used a simple zig-zag stitch around all of the pieces, including the face.  

The front was now complete and in one piece.

I made simple straps and pinned them on.  Turning fabric is not my favorite thing so I made the straps wide to make it easier on myself.

I pinned the right side of my lining to the right side of my owl's front (making sure my straps were sandwiched between the right sides of my fabrics.)  I stitched around the top and stopped about 3 inches down from the ears. Then I turned it right side out.  I repeated this with the second piece of lining and the back of the owl.   You can see that the top is finished but the bottom isn't.  I didn't want it to be too bulky when sewing the front to the back so I went this route.

Now that the lining was secured on the top of the owl's front and back pieces I pinned the right sides of the owl together (finished face to finished back).  I stitched around the edge beginning and ending at the points where my lining was already secured.  However, I left a small opening at the bottom to turn it right side out.  The photo shows the owl being turned.  Next I flipped it inside out again and stitched the opening I had left for turning.

Ta-dah!  One finished owl bag for share day!

Here is a shot of the lining.

I'd say she likes her new share bag.  It's one of a kind, just like she is!