Friday, May 20, 2011

An Expression of My Love....

My daughter Keely was in love, (make that obsessed) with owls from the time she learned to walk.  When thinking of a theme for her second birthday party the only logical decision was to have an owl party.  This was back in 2006 and I had never heard of these over the top, crazy expensive, themed parties that are now being thrown.  But I took the owl idea and ran with it.  We had owl pizzas, owl cookies and of course we had to have an owl cake!  

I had never made any kind of cake except your standard 8 inch round...usually with canned frosting.  This was a challenge for me!  

Here it is.  My first attempt at a themed cake!

Even though this certainly is not the most beautiful cake ever made, it was made lovingly from my heart.  The best part of all is it inspired me to want to make more!  This cake started a tradition!  My kids all know that Mommy will do my best to make them an extra special birthday cake, every year, any theme, any color, any flavor.  Their cakes are unique and special (and not quite perfect)...just like them.  Making a special cake is a huge expression of my love.  If I make a cake for you, it's because you are very important to me!

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