Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My little dino is 2!

My littlest Little One isn't so little anymore!  He's two now and to celebrate we threw him a dino-mite dinosaur party.  We kept to a tight budget and made everything ourselves. It was by far our most frugal party to date. We're pretty sure our little dino didn't know what all of the fuss was about.  But we do know he had a wonderful time!

Meringue Bone Cookies

Fossil Cookies

Dinosaur Eggs

Paper Mache Eggs for Favors

The biggest hit of all...Chocolate Rocks!

Everyone hunted for fossils.

Then used their paleontology tools to open the fossils.  There was a surprise inside!

The birthday boy loved this part.

Cash was totally into it too!

Group shot of our Paleontologists.

Gotta have the dog in there too.

Gage's dino cake.  Yellow cake with buttercream.

Another highlight...ripping open the eggs to find party favors inside.  They took a little time to make but were worth it in the end.

It's hard to believe our Little One is already 2.  I'm just so thankful that God chose us to be his family.  He is exactly who we needed to be complete.


  1. Saw this party on Catch my party... every detail is great!!!

    1. Thank you! I "borrow" all of my ideas from Catch My Party. I love that site too! So many creative moms out there!

  2. Could I have the recipe for the cheesy fossil bites? They look so yummy! Thanks, Laura

    1. Sure Laura,
      This is something I made up and don't use exact measurements for but I don't think it can get messed up. I make it a little different each time and it's always a hit. Sorry I don't have exact measurements but you can't mess it up! :)
      I use a 16 oz sour cream, a brick of softened cream cheese, a small block of grated pepper jack cheese, a packet of onion soup mix (the kind you make chip dip out of), and italian seasoning. I also add chopped jalapenos. I have left the mix like this before and it's delicious however if you want it to be really yummy, add in some chopped up tomatoes and fresh herbs (sage, thyme, basil). After you mix all of the ingredients in a bowl, spread it on crescent roll dough. I keep the crescent dough in a rectangle instead of tearing it into triangles. Then I spread the mix on top, roll it all up and slice it into 5 equal pieces. Last you just pop them on a baking sheet and bake them following the crescent roll directions. FYI...I've used generic and Pillsbury crescent rolls. The Pillsbury were much fluffier and tasted better too. I hope this helps! Enjoy!

  3. Any chance you still have the dinosaur info sheets? Would you be so kind as to post them or send them to me? I was also trying to figure out how you got the images on the treat bag? Thanks so much! Kim