Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Too Stuffy For Me...Part 4! Love Sign

DIY Distressed Love Sign!
I saw a sign like this on Pinterest and fell in LOVE with it!  I knew that with a little help from my husband I could make it and hang it in the new game room.   To check out the post from Pinterest, go here

I am really into reclaimed wood lately but it is SO expensive.  I thought I'd try distressing on my own to see if it could look good.  This is what I made and I'm super happy about how it turned out!  

You can make this...

From this!  

Here's what I purchased...
1x12x48 Pine (3 of these)
1x4x48 (one of these)
1x3x48 (one of these)
1x2 pine for the back
Kona colored stain
Total cost...$35

We set the pine boards in the garage and distressed them.  My kiddos even helped with this part.  We hammered, scraped and gouged the wood.

We also used a stiff wire brush to scratch the surface.

Next we added Kona colored stain.

Here is a close up.  My husband attached the 1x2 pine strips to the back.  He placed them vertically to hold the boards together.  He did one on the left, the right and the middle so that it became one large piece.  

I don't have a fancy machine to make letters so I drew them out on poster board and traced around them.

I used regular craft paint that I watered down.  Then I painted the letters.

My husband used a nail gun to hang the sign.

And here it is!  All finished!  I LOVE it!  I'm ready to make another one!!!

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