Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday Pinterest Party!

 I'm sure you know by now that I am kind of in love with Pinterest!  I'm convinced it's one of the best things ever created!  Not only do I pin a ton of things....get this....I ACTUALLY do them!  Sure I pin things for my imaginary home that I will never be able to afford, awesome recipes I'm not qualified to make and my new exercise plan that will have me back to my pre-baby weight in just two weeks,  but I also pin things that I have every intention of doing.  And I do! 

I began pinning a bunch of adorable Christmas crafts and decided it would be fun to have some of my  Pinterest obsessed girlfriends come over and make them together.  I wanted to get us all in the holiday spirit so I got my mom on board and we planned a holiday Pinterest Party!

And here it is...

We asked each guest to bring an appetizer or dessert they saw on Pinterest.  I made cupcakes (using a baking technique I found on Pinterest) and I also made Potato Cheese Soup in the crock pot.  And yes, the recipe was from Pinterest.

I used Christmas wrapping paper to cover some of my tables and created my own printables with my word program by simply cutting and pasting images found on Pinterest.

I crack up over some of the sayings I see on the site so I printed several of them out and used them as decorations.

I also picked up plates and table cloths at the dollar store.  My mom & I used 60% off coupons to buy Mod Podge too.

I printed out directions for each project.

I sent an evite to my Pinterest loving friends and had photos and links showing the crafts we would be attempting.

I also had a table set up with activities for the kiddos.  Almost everything came from the dollar store.

These are a few of the kids crafts.  Painting ornaments, making snowmen and Christmas trees and lots of coloring and stickers!

The best craft we made were these Christmas countdown blocks.  My dad cut the wood for us and I made a few samples.  Everybody loved making these and they turned out SO cute!

This was another table we had set up and ready to go.  There were a total of 3 crafting tables to work at and the kids used the kitchen table.

I wrapped my dining room table in wrapping paper to protect it and to add a little decor.

Each table had a funny e-card for decoration too.

This station was for making Christmas plates by using glass plates (from the dollar store) and tissue paper (also from the dollar store).  It's so simple to do and turns out so pretty!  Some of the kids did these on their own too.

I also asked each guest to bring a holiday photo and we Mod Podged them to card stock to make hanging ornaments that can hang form your banister.  My plan is to use our Christmas photo cards from every year so we can see how we've changed over the years.  I still have to finish the rest of them...and soon.

We made sure that every table had all of the supplies ready to use and within arm's reach.

We used the clear plastic cups to hold the Mod Podge once guests arrived.

Not only did the ladies have a great time making Christmas crafts, the kids were really excited too.  I have found that kids are on their best behavior when they are given creative activities.  

The blocks were the biggest hit.  I think I could have just planned to make the plates and the blocks and it would have been enough.

Each kiddo worked on a different activity.  There were plenty to choose from and all of them easy enough that they didn't need help from an adult.

Check out one of the desserts a friend brought.  They were as delicious as they looked!

By the time everyone arrived the table was full of tasty treats.

And it was ALL delicious!

Even though this Pinterest party was a lot of work to organize and put together, it was really fun.  I think if I do it again I will scale back and only choose 2 activities to make.  I think everyone had fun and it definitely got me in the holiday spirit.  It always feels good to get together with friends and just be creative.  Hopefully this will inspire you to do a little less pinning and a lot more creating!  Happy pinning!!!


  1. Ok, now I'm convinced you never sleep. You are one of the immortal undead, aren't you? ;)
    Seriously though, rad party!

  2. I promise I sleep Betsi! I'm in bed by 10:00 every night!